Minister's Minutes

     Three months in and I have a lot to thank God for already. I feel as though I have boarded a gospel-centered train with a kingdom destination. The Lord is the engineer and, wow, what a ride this will be! We have seen four baptisms and gained 15 new members, and weekly attendance is on an upward trajectory. What a great group of people you are to join with in seeking the Lord’s direction.

     Many of you are having more intentional gospel conversations. Some are reporting opportunities to pray with people. Others are bringing friends and neighbors to church. Recently, Sam Whittaker and I shared with some internationals in their home. This week, ten of our members will be attending the Contagious Discipleship Conference. I pray that we continue to catch God’s vision for us to reach out to those people God puts in our paths.

     The children’s Sunday school teachers are also working hard to go after the hearts of our kids. Pastor Tracy took a group down to Lebanon for training and we have followed that up with two in-house training sessions. Our teachers are committed to making discipleship the key focus in every class at every level, and we are developing a plan to more effectively raise-up young disciples of Jesus.

     More people are attending fewer meetings as we have reduced the number of committees in retooling our business process. This means we are spending less time sitting around talking about what we should be doing, and more time doing it—praise God. I am especially fond of our Finance Committee led by Bill Reed, our Deacon body led by Ralph Landers, and the office re-org Ann Dee Hamilton is doing. They are taking their specific callings seriously, like so many others who I have not named. These leaders are reshaping the way things are done to better serve our members.

     I rejoice in the fact that many of you are stepping it up in personal prayer time and Bible study. Those who come out Tuesday evenings are now prayer walking the neighborhoods around church. Although I have no statistics on this, I am pleased to hear more and more people recite the weekly memory verse. The more scripture in our hearts and minds, the more we will live like Jesus.