Meet Our Staff


Chad Pumpelly- Lead Pastor

There are few things that Pastor Chad is more passionate about than crossing the lines of diversity and bringing people together- unifying them toward the common vision of knowing and serving the living God. But, if he had to choose one, it would be a close tie between his love of bird-watching and his overwhelming desire to tell yet another awful "dad" joke from his endless repertoire (and we do mean endless). Don't let all the degrees, years of international experience in the mission field, and determined vision for the church fool you- Pastor Chad is a fun-loving Buckeye fan who is just as comfortable surfing around on a ripstik as he is preaching a sermon. His fresh, relatable approach to those around him is one of the many reasons why we haven't fired him we will follow him wherever he leads!




Randy Wagner - Worship Pastor

Worshiping the Living God is serious business, and our Worship Pastor takes his job very seriously. But, if you thought one pastor with a knack for eliciting laughs was enough, you'll be extra surprised when Pastor Randy Wagner strolls up to you wearing a shirt that reads, "I've Got The Real Jokes" and takes you for another stroll down Chuckle Street. His passion for music and gift of teaching to tenderly nurture souls toward Christ is inspiring to see in action. 

Bill Morris- Facilities Manager

Some heroes don't wear capes. As our Facilities Manager, Bill Morris, saves the day on a daily basis by ensuring that our church building and facilities are in working order. 

Sue Crego- Financial Secretary

If it's green and has a dead president on it, Sue knows what to do with it. And if you hand her an opportunity to heckle Pastor Chad, it's a delightful thing to see that she knows exactly what to do with that, too.

Tyna Burnett- Communications Facilitator

Like a swiss army knife, our Communications Facilitator handles a variety of tasks in order to ensure our survival- including producing publications, managing databases, and maintaining our website and social media presences. Her affinity for strong coffee, technology, and the occassional harmless prank ensure that there is never a dull moment in the office.