In our goal to steadily become more like Christ, we are committed to gaining the knowledge given to us through scripture and learning how to apply that knowledge to our daily lives. We welcome you to join us for any of these Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings.

Hope Builders

A multi-generational class, led by Mattie Flowers, which takes a more intensive look at scripture. This class meets in Disciples Hall at 9:30am.

Truth Seekers

This class is led by Sue Crego and focuses on general exploration of the bible and its life application. This class meets in the Magdalene Annex at 9:30am.


David Baldridge leads this class of young adults and couples who are in the first phases of career and family. This class meets in the library at 9:30am.

Internationals Bible Study

This class meets a bit later on Sunday mornings and follows the ESL classes. Sam Whitaker takes those who are learning English as a second language through the bible at a pace that is more easily understandable. This class meets in the Luke Room at 10:30am.

Covenant Seekers

Michelle Morris leads this multi-generational and unique class that presents current and classic works of Christian leaders in a challenging bible study format. This class meets in the Zebedee Annex at 9:30am.

Ted's Class

This seniors class, led by Ted Sawyer, explores the bible and its application through general study. This class meets in the Silas Room at 9:30am.

Sonny's Class

A biblical journey for the boomer generation which focuses on content and intent of scripture. This class meets in the Simon Room at 9:30am.