Millennials. That is the name given to the generation of people born between the years of 1980-2000. Most Millennials don’t know what it is like to live without personal computers, mobile phones and the Internet. Millennials have mastered the tools of technology that elude many of us from previous generations. Do you remember trying to show grandpa how to program a VCR? Today, we might find ourselves asking a Millennial how remove an unwanted app from our smart phone. We are at their mercy when it comes to technology and also in many other ways. Millennials are the people who will be taking care of us in the future. With their grasp of technology and greater access to information than any generation prior, Millennials have the potential to change the world for better.

    Having worked with Millennials for the last 21 years, I can confidently say that there is promise for a great future among our young people. The enthusiasm to serve others is alive and well among our youth. A highlight of of our youth group, is to serve on a summer mission trip. I have been proud of our youth when they are willing to get out of their comfort zones and serve the homeless and poor in our nation’s inner cities. I never had the opportunity to do that as a youth. Many in my generation were warned to stay away from the inner city. Over the years, our youth group has served in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto  and New Orleans, among several other cities. Our youth group also regularly serves right here in Columbus. We have served at Manna Cafe, Stowe Center, Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Victory Ministries and at our own church’s tutoring program. This week, we will serve for the first time with Mustard Seed Street Ministries.

    Tomorrow evening at Lifetree Cafe, we will discuss the promising Millennial generation when we will view the program titled, "How the Next Generation Will Change the World: Get Ready for the Millennial Revolution." You are invited to join the conversation and find out how you can partner with Millennials for an exciting future. By the way, our youth group is partnering with Victory Ministries for the “Toys for Joy” gift drive. Join us in this effort to help needy children and their families this Christmas. The collection boxes and information is available in the church lobby. Please bring your donations by Sunday, December 14th.

 Blessings and peace!