Finding Peace When Life Is Difficult

“It was a very difficult decision.” That is what my good friend Jeff, and his family, was faced with when they were told that his father’s heart was failing. Reinhardt, known fondly by all in the community as Reiny, had become too much for Jeff’s mother to handle. Reiny, who was one of the kindest, most gentle-spirited men  I have had the privilege to know, had all of his mental capacity, but he no longer had the strength to get his more than six foot frame out of a chair and walk more than a few steps before collapsing in exhaustion. The first difficult decision was to admit Reiny to a nursing facility, where there was hope that he could gain enough strength so that he would be able to come back home. His physician explained that it would be difficult to restart his 86 year old heart, should it stop beating. Even if members of the nursing home staff were able to revive him, the doctor explained that Reiny might never again be the same. Another decision and the most difficult of all was made by Reiny, his wife, Ida and children to not resuscitate. Reiny still enjoyed the company of his family and numerous grandchildren. His good humor, and familiar chuckle was still intact when his pastor paid a final visit. The good Lord called Reiny home a few short days after he entered that nursing facility. My good friend lost his father, but he knew the decision that the family had made with Reiny was the right one. Hamler, Ohio lost another pillar of the community, but heaven gained another saint!

Difficult decisions like this are made by families all of the time, particularly when it comes to decisions about aging loved-ones. However, the decisions are not always cut and dry. Sometimes, the outcome of the decision does not turn out as hoped. Regret can set in and one may never fully recover from what he or she may perceive to be a mistaken decision. Join us at Lifetree Cafe tomorrow evening for the episode “Finding Peace When Life is Difficult.” We will learn the story of a couple who faced a difficult decision when learning that their unborn child would be faced with profound disabilities. Their story is inspirational for all, so don’t miss this time to fellowship and share. While you’re at it, be a good friend to someone who may have faced a difficult decision and invite him or her to this uplifting story! ALL are welcome!

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