Myths about Happiness


I am a very sentimental guy. That is why it was very difficult for me to part with some of the things in our home when we moved this past weekend. I threw several totes full of my vintage car magazine collection into the recycle bin, many of them rare issues. Sally and I donated clothes, furniture and numerous boxes of our children’s toys that we had been saving for “future” grandkids. In some ways it felt good to be rid of the excess possessions, in other ways it was gut wrenching to let go of some of the items that had fond memories attached. The Goodwill Store now has a full stock of our former possessions on their shelves!

After I dropped off the last load of our things at the Goodwill Store, I decided to go inside to buy a microwave oven to tide us over while our new kitchen is being remodeled. I was amused to find some of the items that we had donated in the previous days already for sale. As I tested out a few of the ovens, I heard a distinct song begin to play; “Toyland, toyland, little girl and boyland. While you dwell within it, you are ever happy there!” I thought, “Could it be one of my children’s toys?” I followed the music to where the tune merrily played on a little Playskool music box radio sitting prominently on a shelf. Someone had wound it up and apparently walked away. It was the very music box that had for many nights in years past, lulled my own children to sleep! As I looked at it on the shelf, I got a tear in my eye and a huge lump in my throat. I wondered, “How did that get there along with all of our other donations?” As I headed to exit the store, the music began to slowly wind down, and fade, just as I remembered it doing when my children would gently drift off to sleep in my arms. Then, I did what any human being with a heart would do…I turned around, went back to the shelf and bought that music box for a dollar and ninety-nine cents!

There’s the old saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Money cannot buy memories either. At that moment in the Goodwill Store, that little music box was priceless to me. “Toyland, toyland, little girl and boyland. While you dwell within it, you are ever happy there!” What really makes us happy? Commonly held myths about  happiness and life will be discussed at Lifetree Cafe tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. Please join us for refreshments, fellowship and conversation. All are welcome. It is a free event.

Peace and blessings!