Youth Mission Trip

             The CCC Youth Mission Trip team and I will stay in Seymour, Tennessee for a week while serving on our Mission Trip. We will be helping elderly and needy families with clean up, refurbishing, and light repairs to their homes. This is a valuable experience for our youth, most of whom are unfamiliar with the conditions in which many rural Appalachian families live. It also provides the youth an opportunity to experience the joy of serving others. Thank you for making this trip possible for our youth through your generous support of our fundraising efforts. We raised nearly $850 from the bake sale alone!

   We now need, and will appreciate, your prayer support. If you became a prayer partner through the bake sale, please remember to pray daily for the specific youth or adult chaperone who made your baked good. Even if you did not have the opportunity to support an individual Mission Trip team member, please pray for the entire team while we serve. The team members are as follows: Emily Baldridge, Josh Baldridge, Taylor Baldridge, Jennifer Chun, Seth Chun, Katie DeWilde, Pete DeWilde, Brodie Hunt, Quinn Hunt, Ben Keip, Hunter Kuehl, David Ortman, Tracy Reed, Emily Song, Jaykuhn Song and Jesse Zhu. The youth and I look forward to sharing our testimonies and stories about the Mission Trip in the Sunday worship services on July 19th.  I hope you will join us!