"Manny" Thanks, For A New Family Member!

I learned this past week that I am an uncle again. Actually, I am a “great” uncle again! My nephew by marriage, Mike George, and his wife Angie, just adopted a little boy, Immanuel Jeremiah. Mike and Angie are very proud of their little boy. “Manny” joins the family with his new brother and sister. Manny was already part of the family, though, as he had been living with the George family as foster child for over two years. Although, I do not know Manny’s exact situation prior to his being put into the foster system, he has physical challenges and special needs. Mike and Angie have committed to provide a loving home and a healthy environment in which Manny can thrive and overcome obstacles that might have been insurmountable in his prior situation. I am sure that Mike and Angie are up to the task, and I admire their commitment to changing this little boy’s life.

Many children are not as fortunate as Manny. Some find themselves in households where they are neglected or even abused by family members. Tragically, not only does abuse greatly harm a child physically and emotionally, it can lead to a lifetime of difficulties that affects one’s health, relationships and self-confidence. Breaking the cycle of abuse will be discussed at Lifetree Small Group this week. The program features the filmed story of a woman who suffered childhood sexual abuse. “This brave woman’s story puts sexual abuse out on the table for discussion,” says Lifetree representative Craig Cable. “We’ll consider why the cycle of abuse in families is so difficult to break—and how those who’ve suffered childhood sexual abuse can find healing.” You are invited to join the conversation in the CCC Youth Room #130 on Tuesday, November 22nd, at 7:00 p.m. The event is free, it only lasts an hour, and it might change your life! Please invite a friend who may also benefit from this discussion. Lifetree Small Group welcomes everyone and also provides opportunities to fellowship, meet new people, and talk about life together. Reflection and meaningful conversation will follow the presentation.