You Can Choose to be a Fred!

Think of an extraordinary person. Perhaps someone like Neil Armstrong, Bill Gates, Billy Graham, Benjamin Franklin or a favorite president comes to mind. Buckeye fans might think of Woody Hayes, Urban Meyer or even Braxton Miller. While these individuals are examples of extraordinary people who may have accomplished great things, we often overlook the extraordinary people who are a part of our daily lives. When I think of extraordinary people in my life, I think of an auto mechanic, a postal worker, a farmer, a librarian. While none of these people had impressive job titles and none could boast of a list of academic accomplishments, they were each extraordinary in their own way. Each one of them had a positive impact on my life.



    You can be extraordinary too. The Lifetree Small Group program, titled “Make a Difference Now: Choose to Be Extraordinary,” includes a filmed interview with best-selling author Mark Sanborn who will share his thoughts on living an exceptional life. Sanborn investigated this topic in his popular book The Fred Factor, the story of Fred the Postman. “Nobody can prevent you from being extraordinary,” says Sanborn. “Anyone can be a Fred, but not everyone chooses to be a Fred.”  Find out more about Fred this Thursday. You are invited to join the conversation at 7:00 p.m. on February 11th in room 130. This the second episode of the Lifetree Small Group series for the month of February titled “Making Bold Choices.” The series features four inspiring stories of bold living that will help give you the courage to follow God, no matter what circumstances you may be facing. Snacks and refreshments are provided and childcare is available upon request. The event is free. Lifetree Small Group is a great way to connect with friends and the church.