Election Fatigue

I have a severe case of election fatigue. It’s only March and I am already sick and tired of the primaries, caucuses, debates, mud slinging and name calling. I can imagine that many of you feel exactly the same way. I cannot wait until it is over. Amazingly, after all the bitter words, accusations, innuendos, and implications, politicians will put much of this aside, once the dust settles and a winner emerges. Yes, you will witness political adversaries of the same party embrace one another and even enthusiastically support the individual who secures the nomination for his or her party. All of that nastiness will apparently be forgotten. The politicians will forgive the chosen candidate, and expect grace in return....all for the sake of their party, their country, or most likely, their personal political futures. Forgiveness is apparently granted, but is it really authentic?

“Authentic Forgiveness” is the title of our March Lifetree Small Group series. What makes forgiveness, authentic? How can we sincerely forgive someone who has deeply hurt us or a loved one? In this week’s episode, “The Struggle To Forgive,” we will hear from —a young dancer whose life and career hung in the balance after she was seriously wounded in a drive-by shooting. You are invited to share your story or just listen at Crossing Community Church in Room 130 on Thursday, March 17th at 7:00 p.m. Enjoy fellowship and friendly conversation. Snacks and refreshments are provided. Child care is available upon request. ALL are welcome.