Should we build walls or should we build bridges?

Frightening news stories of terrorism have kept us on edge over the past several years. More recently, with suicide bombings and shootings in Paris, Brussels and Pakistan, worries over personal safety have caused people to reconsider their travel plans and participation in public events. Terrorism has become a subject of debate, particularly among presidential hopefuls trying to cast their vision of a safer world by either isolating us from groups deemed threatening or destroying them altogether. Heated rhetoric has cast a cloud of suspicion over entire groups people associated with these crimes even if it is only by race or faith. In many cases fear has resulted in hateful acts and discrimination against innocent people who happened to speak, dress or worship differently than the majority of us. As Christians, how should we respond while trying to insure the safety of our families and ourselves in an increasingly dangerous world? Should we build walls, or should we build bridges?

Join the conversation at Lifetree Small Group and meet Carl Medearis as he works to build bridges with Muslims. The program, titled “On the Brink: Islam and the Middle East,” features an interview with Medearis, an international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations. Medearis will address misconceptions about Islam and Middle East. “On the Brink” is the first of four episodes in the Lifetree Small Group series “Other Faiths: What Christians Really Need to Know.” The group meets this Thursday, April 7th at 7:00 p.m. in room 130. All are welcome!