Against All Odds

Patrick Henry Hughes faced extraordinary odds from the moment he entered the world. His parents were unable to look into the eyes of their newborn baby boy, because Patrick did not have any eyes. Patrick’s parents would never celebrate with encouragement and cheers him taking his first steps, because Patrick’s shriveled legs would never be able to be used for walking. Patrick’s parents likely hugged him, but he would never be able to hug them back, because of his limited ability to extend his arms. Despite those overwhelming odds, Patrick was born with an exceedingly strong will. He was blessed with a remarkably stubborn desire to persevere when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Patrick simply refused to allow his limitations to get in the way of his quest for achievement. His father soon found out that he could not discourage Patrick from living out his dreams, no matter how impossible they seemed, so he decided to join Patrick in the pursuit of his goals. Can you guess what happened? Find out about Patrick’s outstanding accomplishments this Thursday, May 5th, at Lifetree Small Group. The episode, “Overcoming Hardship,” is the first of four episodes in the series, “Finding Hope When Challenges Come.” You will be inspired! Please invite a friend who could also use some encouragement and support. Lifetree Small Group meets on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. at Crossing Community Church in room 130. Enjoy friendly conversation, fellowship and refreshments. Childcare is available upon request. All are welcome!