What else could go wrong?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are making another run for the NBA championship! LeBron James and his teammates are healthy and playing their best ball of the season. They came up short in the championship series last season when they were plagued by injuries and the unfortunate losses of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the playoff games.

I can relate! My eighth grade basketball team was on track to a promising season after placing second in the county championship the season before, when we were hit with a series of unfortunate events. A couple of players were kicked off the team after getting in trouble at school. Two others received failing grades and were ruled ineligible to play. Left with only four eligible players, we were scheduled to play a county rival that day! Thinking quickly, our coach came up with a plan.The seventh grade coach would allow one of his players to play up. Since he wanted his team to win, he loaned us his least experienced bench warmer. Our coach then went to the wrestling coach and asked to “borrow” a couple of wrestlers. We got a couple of guys who had never been in a basketball game. It was a recipe for disaster, but nonetheless, we had a team of seven players and we were ready to compete.

The game actually started out pretty well, despite only four starters playing and that seventh grader occupying a jersey. We held our own through the first half, but things went downhill from there. We got into foul trouble, and one by one, our players fouled out. It became necessary to put the two wrestlers in the game. Compensating for our inexperienced players, we continued to play physical and foul the other team until the only players left on the floor from our team, were the two wrestlers and me! Neither one of them could dribble, and soon it was basically me vs. an entire team of five until, you guessed it, I committed my fifth foul! We were losing terribly and I was disgusted. Nothing more could have gone more wrong. As I walked toward the bench, hanging my head, I looked up at the coach. He was laughing! The entire bench of guys was rolling with laughter! There was nothing we could do but laugh at our situation, and that made me feel much better.

When things go wrong in life, however, it isn’t so easy to laugh. Oftentimes, we can relate to the old saying, “When it rains, it pours.” How to cope when it seems nothing goes right will be explored at Lifetree Small Group this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The program, titled “Enough Already! When Bad Things Keep Happening,” includes an exclusive filmed interview with a woman who has experienced a string of disasters, and yet found a way to move forward in life. Over several years she lost children, a husband, and her house. You are invited to come and share your story.