Follow Your Dreams

The Cleveland Cavaliers have continued to dominate in the NBA playoffs. Despite the recent setback of back-to-back loses on the Toronto Raptors home court, the dream of bringing an NBA championship to “The Land,” which is how LeBron James refers to the city near and dear to his beloved hometown,  Akron, is alive. The season before last, an NBA championship seemed all but impossible for the struggling Cavaliers. That dream now certainly seems to be within reach, since Lebron has returned to his home place and all has been forgiven since his departure several years ago to the Miami Heat.

I have been a lifelong basketball fan. As a school teacher, my dad was also a former basketball player who later coached at the middle school and varsity levels. Naturally, my brother and I seemed to eat, sleep and breathe basketball as we grew both up helping dad as team managers, and later playing for our school teams. I remember as a 5th grader when my Sunday school teacher asked our class what we aspired to do with our lives, I answered that I wanted to be an NBA basketball player. While that didn’t actually work out for me for various reasons, I did enjoy several years of playing for my school team, and I am still healthy enough today to enjoy a pickup game of hoops once in awhile. As far as my NBA aspirations, I have had to settle for being a loyal fan of the Cavaliers.

Sometimes, the odds seemed to be stacked against us when we reach for the stars. A determination to pursue dreams even in the midst of difficult circumstances will be discussed at Lifetree Small Group this Thursday, May 26th. The program, titled “Follow Your Dreams: Even When You Think You Can’t,” features a filmed interview with Mandy Harvey, a jazz vocalist whose sudden hearing loss nearly derailed her dream of becoming a professional singer. During the interview, Harvey explains how losing her hearing caused a downward spiral that almost kept her from pursuing any interest in music altogether. You are invited to join the conversation and share your story. We will meet in room 130 at 7:00 p.m. This will be the last Lifetree Small Group meeting until September. Contact me if you wish to form your own Lifetree Small Group over the summer months.