God's Chisel

I admit, "I am a work in progress!" I don't have it all together, and there are parts of my personality that need work! I wish that I could be a little more organized. I wish that I could be a little more efficient and get things done, and I wish that I could be a little more patient with others. I know that I am not alone, and many of you can relate as well. Fortunately, we have a loving God who is patient with us in our shortcomings, and continues to refine us through life lessons, circumstances and the voice of the Holy Spirit. This process is beautifully illustrated in the Skit Guys video presentation of the skit, "God's Chisel." The skit, while humorous, is very applicable to our lives. I have witnessed the live performance of this skit on several occasions, and each time, I was greatly inspired. I hope that those of you who saw the video in the worship service this past Sunday, found it meaningful as well.

The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodward and Eddie James, have been best friends since high school. Growing up in Oklahoma, they have used their gifts and talents to glorify God by sharing the Good News with thousands of teens and adults across the nation. Woodward and James recently authored, “God’s Chisel, The Book,” which is set to be released later this summer. The book and video can be used in a small group study or for personal study. Plans to form a men’s small group are underway, and I extend the invitation for someone to lead a women’s small group. Ideal group size is limited to ten participants or less, so multiple groups are encouraged to form. You can order a personal copy from their website, or consider joining a small group book discussion at Crossing Community Church. The small group discount price for the book is only $6. Contact me to reserve your copy of the book and a spot in a small group.

To further connect with Crossing Community Church, or get more information about Sunday school, Bible studies, Lifetree and other small groups, please contact the church office or me at tracy@crossingcommunity.org.