Our youth group will be serving in Atlanta this summer for their annual mission trip. VBS and other scheduling conflicts made it necessary to schedule the trip much earlier this year, so our youth are presented with with a much greater challenge to come up with the necessary funds for their trip. Please be supportive of our fundraising efforts as they are announced in the coming weeks. You can also make a support the youth by designating, in addition to your tithe, a portion of your offering to the “Youth Mission Trip Fund.” Make sure that the amount is stated clearly on your offering envelope, or on the memo line of your check to assure it goes to the right place.

Last week I spent some time with the residents of Avondale Woods Senior Community. What a joyful group of people! In speaking with their resident’s council president, I found that there are several residents who would love to attend Sunday morning services at our church. Furthermore, there are residents at their facility who would like to attend our ESL classes on Sunday morning, but transportation is not available. We have church vans, but need someone who is willing to drive them on Sunday mornings. We also have church members who no longer drive, and would likewise be thrilled if someone could bring them to church on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in being a van driver, or providing transportation with your own vehicle, please speak with me or a member of our transportation committee.

As we search for a new pastor, be mindful that the interim period is not a time for us to rest at The Crossing. It is a time for us to step up our game and serve the Lord unsparingly!  There are many ways that you can help move the church forward during this interim period. Please contact me at to discover how you might connect to the church and potentially contribute your time and talents to the Lord. I look forward to hearing from you!