A Blast from the Past

It was my pleasure to welcome Dr. Billy C. Reid as our guest preacher this past Sunday. My relationship with “Billy C.” goes way back to my college days beginning in 1982 at Ohio State University. When I began to give the announcements in the early service, I saw Billy C. sitting on the front row and I was instantly "transported" back to those days in my mind and I said, "Welcome to Lane Avenue Baptist Church!" I hadn't made that mistake since we changed the name of our church. What a blast from the past!

It was Shortly after I responded to the Holy Spirit calling me to full-time Christian ministry, that Dr. Glenn Turner, who was the pastor of Lane Avenue Baptist Church at the time, recommended that I join the Baptist Student Union on Frambes Avenue near the OSU campus. Billy C. was the BSU campus minister at the time, and he immediately made Sally and I feel welcomed into the group. It was Billy C’s magnetic personality, genuine love for students, and his commitment to Christ that made a lasting impression on both Sally and me, as he became our pastor during the next few years of our undergraduate studies. Billy C. emphasized the importance of connecting to a local church, and we also became deeply involved in the college and career ministries at Lane Avenue Baptist Church. It was through our involvement in the college and career department that we met and developed friendships with Chris and Susanne Porter, and John and Jenifer Wilkerson, among many others.

Billy C. learned that I was planning to attend seminary, so he quickly challenged me by asking me to lead a small Bible study group of college students in my apartment. I had never attempted to do anything like that before, and to this day I wonder if what I taught made any sense at all to those students in my group! Anyway, I am grateful for Billy C. and for his passionate leadership of students, and for his investment of time in Sally and me, that both encouraged us and helped contribute to who we are today. In his message this past week, Bill challenged us as church members not to be idle during the interim time in our church's search for a new pastor, but that it was a time for us to really step up our mission and work harder than ever for the Lord! I totally agree with Bill and I hope that all who heard his message was inspired and motivated by his words.

There are many ways that you can help move the church forward during this interim period. Please contact me at tracy@crossingcommunity.org how you might connect to the church and contribute your time and talents to the Lord.