Do Unto Others

Unexpected things happen at times when you are commuting. Such is the case when I left the church after the deacon’s meeting this past Sunday. As I turned onto Tuttle Crossing, I noticed what appeared to be an open CD wallet lying in the road with some of its contents scattered about. As I passed, it became apparent to me that it was not CD’s, but the contents of someone’s attache case. I did a quick U-turn, as did another motorist who jumped out of his vehicle to retrieve the scattered valuables. I stopped in the middle of the busy road and turned on my hazard lights to protect the other man from getting run over by traffic. Assuming he was the owner of the wallet, I waited until everything was retrieved. The man walked over to my car, I thought, to thank me for stopping traffic, but instead he asked me if the wallet was mine. I informed him that it wasn’t, but I offered to take it directly to the police station, since he was from out of town. I assured him, by giving him one of my church business cards, that I was an honest person. It turned out that the wallet belonged to a physician and it contained a substantial amount of cash, numerous credit cards and personal checks received as payment for services. The owner had placed it on top of his vehicle while getting gas, and then unknowingly drove off. The Dublin Police quickly found the anxious, but relieved owner to return his valuables, and they put him on the phone to speak to me. He offered to give a reward, but I declined, saying that between the other motorist’s efforts and mine, I was simply happy knowing that he was reunited with his belongings. I did not have to give a second thought about what to do with the man’s wallet. I did exactly what I would wish to happen if I would lose something valuable. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31, NIV). Our youth group will be living out this valuable truth as we serve the needs of the residents in impoverished areas of Atlanta. In an increasingly harsh world, we must not forget this lesson. Please keep our youth mission team in prayer this whole week for safe travel and protection in the city.